Beth Noveck

The Governance Lab

Beth Simone Noveck directs the Governance Lab (GovLab) and its MacArthur Research Network on Opening Governance.  Her current research focuses on “people-led innovation,” namely the ability of communities and institutions to work together to solve problems more effectively and legitimately.

Currently, she directs programs to promote effective public engagement in lawmaking (CrowdLaw), to help public institutions expert-source and implement innovative solutions to hard problems (Smarter Crowdsourcing) and to train civic leaders and civil servants in how to collaborate with their own communities (Civic Challenges).



My Sessions

Beth Noveck – Keynote Speech

Medialab Auditorio

With rates of trust in government at historic lows, trust in traditional representative models of law and policymaking — often conducted by professional staff and politicians working behind closed doors and distorted by political party agendas–is called into question. The ideal of transparency, which purports to produce an informed, engaged public that will hold officials accountable, has […]